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If you are ready to take your business to the Internet and make it successful beyond your wildest dreams then you MUST meet with Baron Gordon. He is simply AWESOME!

I began to speak on shows such as Oprah and Montel about what it takes to live an extraordinary life, how to overcome adversity and emerge on the other side of life with joy, self-esteem and happiness. For years I have been trying to find a consultant on SEO who totally got what I wanted accomplish with the marketing of my book and my services as mentor, trainer and coach.

On our second meeting not only did Baron have a great plan ready for me, he also had some fantastic thoughts for directions for me to pursue that I had never thought of in the past.

He showed me how it was totally possible for me to launch my brand world wide and to make a fabulous living in the process without having to work the  ridiculous hours of the 9 - 5 that I was doing at the time.

Helping people has been my passion forever. I wanted to have the time and the platform to help people all over the word to find their "extraordinary" and to make their dreams come true.

Baron has opened the golden door to this very real possibility for me, all I had to do was step through it. I'm thrilled to have Baron and the Smartguy Marketing team with me every step of the way on my new adventure.

Kitty Stuart

Smartguy Marketing has enriched my business in new and exciting ways, expanded my current market and opening up my business to new markets. Baron is a wealth of boundless innovation and practical application, precisely the kind of person I need to keep up with. He understands me, and my business.

Kenton Knepper
Business Owner

Baron's artistic and marketing experience has been invaluable to me in some of my creative endeavors, he isalways willing to offer creative input or lend a helping hand in planning events and installations. His recommendations have  also helped generate new leads for my business.

Tariq Sabur
Dermographic Technician
Fine Artist | Designer | Consultant

Baron helped me channel my love for art and apply it so that I could developed a great marketing model. I have spent many years creating pieces to fulfill my own need for creative euphoria that comes form taking raw material and producing a work of art. However, I have not been able to effectively share my passion with the world. When Baron consulted with me, he was able to capture my passion and lay it out perfectly so that I could effectively convey it during presentations. I am very appreciative for his guidance.

Erland Reyna
Erland Reyna Fine Jewery

I would like to thank Baron Gordon for his consulting for Creative Moving and Packing. You have been more than helpful and really have helped us grow the past year. Your ideas are invaluable and have contributed to our success. We look forward to working with you the coming years . Thanks again for your help/ideas and eagerness to help us succeed.

Conrad Martinez
Creative Moving & Packing LLC

The expertise possessed by the SmartGuy Marketing team is simply outstanding. I never really "got" how marketing online worked, but I knew how effective it could be and I also knew the damage not using online marketing could do to my business.

I feel that approaching SmartGuy Marketing and taking action to take my business to the next level was not only the smartest thing I could have done for my business, but the most profitable thing I could've done. I'll never regret my decision to contact the SmartGuy Marketing team...and I'm sure neither will others.

Ryan Rice
Developer and consultant

Not only does Baron Gordon have the experience and knowledge in marketing but he has a passion for teaching and mentoring others. I have had the great pleasure of being able to learn from Baron Gordon and grow not only as a professional but as a person. He has taught me not only about the psychology and art of marketing but also how to market myself. His skills have not only impressed me but truly affected me and helped me grow as a person. All of my success that I have now and will have in the future is partially due to this marketing genius and I will forever be thankful for his time and knowledge.

Nicole Tang