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About Us

Anyone who's ever built a business knows that your team is your most important asset. We have built what we feel is the best team on the planet. By partnering with us, you join this elite group of designers, developers, writers and service providers.


Baron Gordon, CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)

Baron Gordon is well known for his unique balance of creativity and business. A proffessional in marketing and the arts, he has worked on digital marketing campaigns since 1999. Baron is the founder and served as managing partner of Questech LLC since early 2001.  Baron consults for many small to mid-size businesses, including some of the first pioneers in internet marketing, lead generation companies and  many successful entrepreneurs. This includes the successful launch of Warehouse Agency 2. Baron was the co-founder of  the Alpha Monster Artist Collective, Produce Art Space and  5 and 6 Fine Art Space. All progressive art concepts in Phoenix, Arizona. Where he has created some unique visual art series and found inspiration to start Smartguy Marketing, a boutique style marketing company that caters to small and mid size businesses (Smartguy Marketing is a divison of Questech LLC). As the creative lead, Baron continues to create successful marketing campaigns, build brands and design concepts for Smartguy Marketing.

Baron has participated in several artist panel discussions in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona. Baron continues to create successful marketing campaigns, build brands and design concepts for Smartguy Marketing, a division of  Questech LLC. and continues to participate in a variety of socially engaged interdisciplinary projects for over a decade. He has exhibited his art work at and worked in conjuction with SMoCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art).

Bryce Kuhlman, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Bryce Kuhlman’s life is an experiment in the fusion of art and science.  He discovered computers when floppy disks really were floppy and his 16K RAM expansion was the hottest thing on the block.  The computer was a powerful magic box and magic boxes were part of his everyday life as a young magician.  By the age of thirteen he was leading a magic troupe and performing weekly in towns across the Midwest.  His performances won him many local and national awards and paid for two college degrees – not in theater but in software engineering and robotics.  Those nights he wasn’t performing, one would find him tucked away in a dark room hacking the code together for some new brainchild.  He followed the natural progression after college and decided to try his luck in Corporate America.  After a three-year stint designing satellites for Motorola, Bryce decided it was time to move on to more interesting projects.  He currently runs a corporation that specializes in custom software for education, art and science.


  • "The expertise possessed by the SmartGuy Marketing team is simply outstanding. I never really 'got' how marketing online worked, but I knew how effective it could be and I also knew the damage not using online marketing could do to my business."
    Ryan Rice
    Developer and consultant
  • "You have been more than helpful and really have helped us grow the past year. Your ideas are invaluable and have contributed to our success. We look forward to working with you the coming years . Thanks again for your help/ideas and eagerness to help us succeed."
    Conrad Martiznez
    Creative Moving and Packing LLC
  • "We LOVE your software! I can't wait to wake up every morning to see how much money we made while we were sleeping!"
    Roland Sarlot
    Carnival Of Illusion